Understanding Personal Injury Claims in Houston: A Comprehensive Guide






Injuries are painful, and serious injuries, along with damage to your car or property, can often put your life on hold until you recover. Injuries can cause upheaval in your life, especially where finances are concerned, in addition to the mental and emotional stress that accompanies physical pain.

Houston has a streamlined legal system and laws concerning personal injury, whether due to a mishap on the road or any other reason where the negligence of others can cause you harm. At a time when your entire focus should be on healing yourself and recovering from the injury and trauma, running around to pursue the legal process can not only be very taxing, but it also takes away your focus from self-recovery. When suffering through losses due to an accident you or a loved one is involved in, hiring a good personal injury lawyer in Houston will assure you of the legal formalities being fulfilled for the best possible results.

Many people are unaware of the legal process when it comes to filing for claims, so it is important to understand the intricacies of the legal process in Houston in order to get the required legal assistance to make things easier for you.

A comprehensive guide to understanding personal injury claims in Houston

  • Personal injury claim: A personal injury claim is the legal action taken by the injured party (the plaintiff) involved in an accident caused either intentionally or due to negligence by someone else (the defendant). The claim is filed essentially to seek and be reimbursed for the physical, financial, and emotional damages suffered by the plaintiff. In order to do so, engaging a personal injury lawyerwho understands the intricacies of the legal process is a sensible and practical decision.
  • Personal injury cases: Houston, just like other cities, constantly witnesses various kinds of accidents and reasons for personal injuries every day. But the following personal injury cases are very common in the city:
  • Road accidents: Houston, being one of the major cities in Texas, has a large population, leading to frequent road or car accidents. You are eligible for a personal injury claim if you were injured due to someone else’s negligence or intention to harm.
  • Malpractice: Injuries or losses caused by medical malpractice or error by a healthcare worker or center make for a personal injury claim.
  • Injuries at the workplace: A city known for its thriving industry employing innumerable people can often lead to personal injuries at the workplace. An injured employee is legally eligible for worker’s compensation or a personal injury claim. Consulting a personal injury lawyer is important to understand your rights and the process to file for compensation.
  • Injury due to slipping or falling: Owners of properties and construction sites are responsible for maintaining safety standards at their premises. Accidents caused at their sites due to negligence, like slipping on wet floors or being hurt by construction material falling or scattered around pathways, make you eligible for a personal injury claim.
  • Defective product: Injuries or losses caused by defective products or services hold the manufacturer, distributor, or service provider responsible for compensating you for your loss or injury.
  • Stipulated period: The legal procedure for personal injury claims has a statutory stipulated period of up to two years from the date of injury, within which you can file a claim. Consulting a personal injury lawyer in Houston will help you avoid missing the deadline and navigate through the complex legal process.
  • Comparative fault system: Texas follows the comparative fault system, which ascertains the percentage of liability of both parties involved in an accident and allows the filing of a claim accordingly. If you are partially at fault, the compensation amount will accommodate your liability, and if you are responsible for more than 51%, you may not be allowed to file a claim.
  • Navigating the legal process: An experienced personal injury lawyer will apprise you of your rights, assess the case, collect evidence, including contacting and taking statements from witnesses, collect the necessary documents, and, if required, file and argue the case in court on your behalf. The lawyer will also negotiate with the insurance companies and with the other party in case of an out-of-court settlement for the best possible compensatory amount that covers all your expenses, including your pain and suffering.

Other than the above-mentioned common accidents, accidents caused by violence in your apartment complex, truck or motorcycle accidents, and wrongful death are also covered under the law for personal injuries. A good personal injury lawyer will offer a free consultation and charge you only for achieving favorable results in your favor.