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A worker compensation investigator jobs entail pursuing cases involving workers compensation benefits. The investigators are required to produce written reports detailing their activities. They may also have to appear at a Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board hearing. In some cases, the investigators may also have to testify in depositions and in criminal cases.

A worker compensation investigator works with insurance companies to uncover fraud and ensure that claimants receive the benefits that they are entitled to. Investigators may conduct surveillance and interview other workers to gather evidence. They may also use artificial intelligence and predictive modeling to detect fraud. However, workers compensation investigators should not invade their subjects’ privacy. This is considered harassment.

Investigators can also monitor a worker’s activities, including Photo editor and videos. This information may be used to reduce the compensation settlement. Some investigators may take photos of injured workers playing with their children, picking up a child, or being in public. While this is technically legal, it may hurt a workers’ compensation claim. This is why investigators should be careful and always consult an attorney before conducting surveillance. Investigators may also view an injured worker’s social media accounts. If they find photos of active pursuits, insurance companies may argue that the worker is capable of returning to work and claiming benefits.

Workers compensation investigator jobs require a college degree, professional insurance designation, and experience. The minimum requirement is five years’ experience as an investigator. This experience can be from a workers compensation insurance carrier, law enforcement, or US military. A college degree is preferred. Previous investigative experience is also valuable. Candidates with professional insurance designations are also encouraged to apply.

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