What to Do If Your Bike Is Damaged or Destroyed After an Accident






Lawyers without experience in handling bicycle accident cases may not be aware of the unique issues that can arise with carbon frames following a collision. Attorneys who mainly deal with car accident victims may overlook the safety issues that can emerge when a carbon frame impacts the pavement at speeds between 15 and 18 mph without showing visible damage. Most bicycle shops understand that a carbon-fiber frame will need replacement even without visible damage. An experienced bicycle injury lawyer knows the right questions to ask the bike shop to ensure your carbon frame is replaced, even if there are no overt signs of damage.

An Experienced Bicycle Accident Lawyer Should Know How to Get Your Bike Replaced

In Florida, insurance companies reserve the right to depreciate bicycles that are totaled or severely damaged. In many cases, collaborating with an experienced bicycle injury lawyer gives you the best chance of securing a full replacement without depreciation.

After being involved in a collision, consult with your attorney before replacing or repairing your frame, equipment, or components. Crash evidence includes your wrecked bike, equipment, and helmet. Help the police as much as possible at the scene, ensuring that the location of all pieces is included in the crash report. This official record is crucial. The best way to establish the cause of the accident is by taking photographs.

Florida Bicycle Insurance Companies

You can also insure your bike frame against damage or destruction. Velosurance is the most reputable bicycle insurance company in Florida. It offers policies that allow you, the bike owner, to choose a deductible amount you’re comfortable with and can afford, such as $150, $250, or another amount. You only have to pay the deductible if they settle an accident claim. They will not depreciate the bike as other insurance companies do. Paying an annual premium is much easier than covering the full replacement cost of a bicycle, which can range anywhere between $1,500 and $10,000.

Surprisingly, we receive many calls from riders whose bikes have fallen off car racks, hit parked cars, or collided with posts. Velosurance offers all-risk insurance coverage, which means it covers theft and protects you if your bike is hit by an uninsured vehicle. Damage to a bike can occur in many ways, such as running it over in the driveway. You should inquire about the company’s policy concerning the situations they will cover.

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