The Power of Personal Attorneys to Increase Settlement Amounts






If you’ve been in a car accident and want to increase the potential value of your settlement claim, then hiring a personal injury attorney is the way to go! Life is never the same after a car crash, as victims are often left reeling under the burden of hefty medical expenses caused by pain, suffering, and trauma. If the incident happened due to the negligence of the other party, you can be sure that a capable lawyer would get you the compensation you deserve.

There are a few things you must do to improve your chances, like preserving evidence from the scene of the accident, seeking medical attention, etc., but the role of an attorney would be paramount. In this guide, we’ll discuss all that and more, so keep on reading.

How personal injury attorneys get increased settlement amounts

1. Determine if the case can go to trial

Even if you have insurance, there’s no guarantee that, as a victim, you’d get compensated for the injuries and damages. If you try to handle a claim without the aid of legal counsel, the insurance adjusters would immediately understand that you’re looking to settle. Since you have no intention (or means) to go to trial, they’re likely going to offer you a much lower amount. What other choice do you have without a personal injury lawyer?

2. Know the actual case value and potential settlement amount

Without an attorney, the insurance adjusters would know you have no idea what your case is worth. After all, how could you, if you haven’t been in a similar situation before? Personal injury attorneys, on the other hand, know by experience how much a typical car crash settlement is worth and what the jury would award you. So, there’s a high chance you’ll get a much higher amount in compensation if the case goes to trial.

3. Control the cost of your defense

With a lawyer handling your case, the insurance adjusters know they’ll get sued if the claim cannot be settled. And if the case goes to trial, they’ll end up spending more on lawyer fees itself. Trials are expensive, and insurance companies try to avoid them as much as possible. You must use this fear to your advantage and show that reaching the settlement on your terms is the best possible outcome for the insurance celebritylifecycle carrier.

4. Communicate effectively with the insurers

If you hire a lawyer, all communications with the insurance carrier must happen through your legal counsel. It effectively becomes illegal for them to contact you directly by means of email, phone call, or personal visit, as it could be deemed as an effort to collect information to use against the victim. Lawyers can always deny specific requests that are personal or unrelated to the case. Basically, an attorney will do everything possible to strengthen your case value.

5. Look after your medical issues

Experienced personal injury attorneys have a wide network, and connections with some of the best medical experts. Injury claims get settled for the maximum amount only when all the available medical evidence is shown as proof. When you’re under a lawyer’s medical team, you’ll know the full extent of your injury, the risks involved in performing surgery if needed, and future problems that may arise.

Finding out the true nature and extent of your injuries is one of the vital tasks a lawyer will perform, and it can protect you against current and future medical costs.

6. Present evidence of your income loss

If injuries from a car collision have caused physical disability, the victim can get awarded for present and future lost wages only if the proper evidence confirms the claim. But you alone won’t be able to judge how much you should be getting in reparations. Having a lawyer with access to rehab experts and economists would drastically increase your chances of proving all your claims in court.

7. Present detailed law of damages

Insurance adjusters will look for ways to avoid paying you money as much as possible, citing various reasons. Without the help of an injury lawyer, it can get really hard to prove the actual worth of the damages you suffered. The law of damages is complicated and constantly changing, but qualified injury lawyers know what can and cannot be collected. A detailed list of damages you incurred will increase your chances of getting the settlement that’s legally due.

8. Fight on your behalf

Insurance companies and other external parties might have the right to claim money from your settlement amount. VA liens, child support liens, worker’s compensation, and other sources can lay a claim to your injury settlement and sue if you don’t pay them. Experienced attorneys help to minimize the chances of getting claims against your settlement amount. Every penny saved, in this case, is a penny earned.

Factors to maximize your settlement

In the case of a personal injury claim, the full extent of injuries often does not appear for weeks or months after the accident. Lost wages, lost future opportunities, and reduced capacity for earning are all factors that should be considered when you’re trying to increase the settlement value. Some questions you must ask yourself are:

  • Has this accident cost me chances of advancement in my job or career?
  • How does my life now compare to the life I led before the accident?
  • If my health deteriorates, what should be my next course of action?

If you cannot answer even one of these questions, then hiring a lawyer would be your best course of action. And it isn’t even about getting the most out of your squeeze. Car crashes cause long-term injury and trauma that sometimes all the money in the world cannot fix. But why take chances by going through such an ordeal alone when you can have an expert by your side? Having legal help would definitely make life a lot easier for you and your family.