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Being charged with a criminal offense is never enjoyable. It means you are stuck in a tense and tiring life, and if proven guilty, then nothing but harsh punishment awaits you. Of course, staying away from any criminal offense is the only choice people should have, but if you have been wrongly accused of something, consult a criminal defense attorney who will provide you with the necessary guidance with confidence and credibility. 

But not all attorneys can be the best for you. Since you are facing the tension of being punished, you have the right to find the best one suitable for your case. So, ask them the necessary questions, and try to understand their ability. If you are satisfied, then hire them. 

1. How long have you been practicing criminal law?

It is perhaps the most common question to ask a criminal attorney. It may sound a bit stupid, but asking an attorney who claims to be a criminal attorney about their experience is never bad. So, ask them about their experience in the field. 

Remember, only an experienced criminal attorney will provide you with the process of the hearing, what the opposite team’s attorney might ask you, etc. So, in simple words, the more experienced the criminal attorney is, the stronger your chance of winning the case. 

2. What are your educational credentials?

Before hiring a criminal defense attorney to fight for your case, you would like to know their qualifications. It may sound harsh, and you may not have the courage to ask this, but being a polite speaker, asking this question can not go wrong. 

You can ask the attorney about what specialization they had while pursuing law. Which law school did they get their degree from, which bar associations are they part of, etc.? If they can satisfy your enthusiasm, then you can hire them. Otherwise, a simple talk and then greeting a goodbye is also an idea. 

3. Will you be the one fighting my case? 

Once you are clear about your attorney’s qualifications, and experience, the next question that comes to mind is whether the attorney you are talking to will be the one fighting your case. It is a question that you should never skip. 

Sometimes, if you consult an attorney from a big law firm, they often provide you with a junior attorney to represent you in court. It takes less money. But can this help you get a fair judgment? That is a big question to ask. If your attorney provides you with a junior attorney, ask them to confirm that they would go through all the papers and guide the appointed attorney through every step. If they fail to do so, consider another one. 

4. Do you provide the necessary strategies to fight the case? 

It is a good sign if your case gets resolved outside the court. However, if it does not, and you go to a trial, your attorney must know which step to take and when. 

No attorney, no matter how much experience they have, can ever predict how the court hearing would look like, But as the case proceeds, they should provide you with some simple strategies about what to say, how to say or what should be the next step, etc. 


Being charged with a crime is never a pleasant feeling. It is scary and tiring. However, having an experienced criminal attorney takes your burden away at least slightly. So, ask them valid questions before hiring them. If they can satisfy you, hire them, else move on to another one. 

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