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One of the first things you should seek out, after getting involved in a dangerous intersection accident, is a personal injury attorney. No matter the degree, car wrecks can be traumatizing and painful. And it usually comes with some legal obligations. Thankfully, a personal injury attorney can help take care of this area. Attorneys from top law firms like The Clark Law Office will help you seek justice and even file a claim with your insurance company or those of the parties at fault.

Intersections are hot spots for motor vehicle accidents. The chances of collision are greater at intersections than in double lanes of opposite directions. That’s why extreme caution is expected of you as a motorist driving along an intersection. You are expected to be very attentive to the actions of other motorists, and pedestrians and look out for traffic signs and signals that guide you to and fro movement in intersections.

Characteristics of Dangerous Intersections

Motor vehicle accidents can happen at any intersection. However, the risk is higher at some intersections than others. These high risk intersections are said to have some characteristics that make them more dangerous than others.

These characteristics includes; a lack of traffic signals, confusing or unclear signage, difficult merging, poorly maintained or unclear sidewalks and bicycle lanes, blind corners or objects that obstruct the driver’s view, and poorly maintained roads.

Also, heavily used Intersections are often more dangerous than other intersections. These could be intersections at stoplights, two-way stops, four-way stops, and roundabouts.

Causes of Accidents at Dangerous Intersections

Dangerous Intersection accidents can be caused by several reasons. In some cases, the design of the intersection itself can increase the chances of a traffic accident occurring. For instance, in an area where traffic is entering from multiple directions, but has no traffic light or traffic officer, knowing who has the right of way may be difficult. In this instance,  the city or the road planner can be held responsible for such a collision.

Other causes of intersection accidents may be directly from drivers who are distracted while using the intersection, ignore traffic signals or signs, behave carelessly while crossing the intersection, or tailgate other drivers approaching the intersection.

Injuries That Can Come From Accidents Caused by Dangerous Intersections

Injuries from an accident at a dangerous intersection can be quite severe depending on the intensity of the collision. It is important to get help immediately from any medical center closest to you. Getting immediate medical attention will enable your injury attorney to show that the accident was responsible for your injuries.

Some of these injuries that can occur in a dangerous intersection accident include;

  • Back or neck injuries like whiplash,
  • Damaged organs,
  • Head or brain injuries like concussions,
  • Broken bones,
  • Lacerations, and or burns.

What Should Be Done After A Dangerous Intersection Accident

Getting yourself to safety and administering the needed first aid treatment to those who are injured is the first and most important thing you should do after a dangerous intersection accident. Once you’ve had that, you must then call the police to the accident scene immediately. Other necessary agencies will also be contacted by the police.

A report will be put together by the police with available information from the accident scene.

This information will be gotten from talking to you, or any other driver involved. Witnesses present at the time of the accident may also be questioned. Security camera footage and phone recordings may also be taken as evidence to form part of the report.

This report may be used fairly as the official report by your insurance company or in court for any legal actions you want to take thereafter.

Ways to Resolve Dangerous Intersections Accidents

There are legal options available to you if you’ve suffered any injury or damages after being involved in a dangerous intersection accident. Your injury attorney will review your specific situation and file a claim and negotiate a settlement with the insurance companies involved. The best method to resolve your accident claim will depend upon the facts of your case.

Injuries sustained in a dangerous intersection car accident can bring unimaginable stress and suffering. Alongside that, a legal lawsuit should not be something you do alone. With the experience and professionalism of a personal injury attorney, you can go through the process of resolving an insurance claim and filing a lawsuit with peace of mind. However, before settling for any lawyer, make sure you do proper due diligence on them to know how they operate.

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