Karlie Kloss’s Most Lucrative Business Ventures and Endorsements






Karlie Kloss is a successful fashion model, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Her career has been marked by numerous lucrative business ventures and endorsements. In this article, we’ll explore some of her most lucrative deals and partnerships. In 2014, Karlie founded her own company, Kode With biographyer Klossy, which offers free coding camps for young women. She has also created a scholarship fund for the participants of the camps, which has helped hundreds of young women learn coding skills. In 2017, Karlie became the brand ambassador for Estée Lauder. She also collaborated with Adidas to create a line of shoes and apparel. In 2019, Karlie partnered with Swarovski to launch a line of jewelry that would be sold exclusively at the retailer. She also signed a multi-year deal with Procter & Gamble to promote the company’s beauty and skincare products. Karlie also has lucrative endorsement deals with numerous high-end fashion brands, including Nike, Versace, and Marc Jacobs. She was also named the Global Ambassador for the clothing brand, Express. Finally, Karlie has an equity stake in the meal-kit delivery service, Martha & Marley Spoon. She also co-founded the travel website, Away, which has become a popular destination for travelers looking for luxury travel experiences. Karlie Kloss’s numerous business ventures and endorsements have been instrumental in her success. From coding camps to luxury fashion brands, her business acumen has enabled her to make lucrative deals that have further enhanced her already impressive career.

Karlie Kloss, an American model and entrepreneur, is known for her real estate portfolio. She owns properties across the United States, including residential and commercial properties. Her residential properties include a penthouse in New York City, a beachfront home in Los Angeles, and a modern makeeover ranch in California. Her commercial properties span from a wellness center in Nashville, Tennessee, to a co-working space in Austin, Texas, to a retail space in the heart of downtown Manhattan. Kloss is also a major investor in various tech startups, and has been involved in real estate development projects. Her investment portfolio is a testament to her savvy and diverse business acumen.