Do You Need Expert Witnesses for Your Personal Injury Case in Syracuse?






In personal injury cases, claimants may need to look for an expert witness who can help validate various aspects of their cases like the value of their damages or the link between their injury and the other party’s negligence. 

In addition, insurance companies may also bring their own expert witness to try to devalue or deny claims. For instance, the witness may elaborate on the reason an injury is not associated with negligence or dispute the seriousness of the injury. If you have been injured due to the negligence of another party, you should work with one of the most experienced Syracuse Personal Injury lawyers who can help bring an expert witness into your case. Your lawyer will know what type of expert witness to hire and what information can be obtained from them.

What are Expert Witnesses?

Often, expert witnesses are field professionals who possess the knowledge, training, education, or experience that makes them qualified to offer their opinions that can validate personal injury claims. These professionals include the following:

  • Medical experts. These experts may offer testimony regarding your injuries and their connection to the accident. Also, your attorney may bring these experts to dispute the claims of the other party that a preexisting condition caused your injuries. 
  •  Mental health professionals. These experts may explain how the accident and your injuries caused emotional trauma. Also, they may discuss the seriousness of this trauma to validate the value of your pain and suffering stylesrant damages.
  • Accident reconstruction specialists. These professionals reconstruct the accident scene to explain why and how it occurred. Their testimony can help you determine liability for the accident. 
  • Lifecare planners. Such experts determine the financial and physical challenges you may face due to the accident including medical care and treatment costs as well as disability level.

What Role of an Expert Witness

In a personal injury claim, an expert witness offers clarity. In general, they appear in court and give testimony before a jury. Often, the legal teams of both parties can question the expert.  The questions are usually related o the area of expertise of the witness.

How an Expert Witness Can Help Your Case

Having an expert witness giving testimony for you gives credibility to your case. Also, the testimonies of these witnesses can validate your injury tvboxbee claim and your damages’ value. 

Your attorney can call on your doctor as an expert witness to explain the seriousness of your injury and give treatment recommendations. Also, your layer can hire a financial expert to discuss the amount of compensation you need for your treatment. 

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