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Jamendo is an online music store and music library where you can purchase Seriesbellantechcrunch, download, and play songs. It also offers a licensing service, where you can license music for use in a variety of projects. Additionally, there is a discussion forum where you can discuss the music and share your opinions.

Licensed works

Jamendo licensed works is a way to legally share your music. This platform allows you to manage and promote your music. It also offers you a chance to earn money through your work.

The site also provides you with sophisticated tools to help you identify and listen to your favorite music. Moreover, there are custom playlists, community ratings, and more. JAMENDO is the perfect platform for any independent artist. You can find almost 6,000 albums and 75,000 music tracks in its catalogue. There is a variety of packages available, including single and multiple licenses.

When you sign up for JAMENDO licensing, you will get access to a number of services that are restricted to registered Members. You will also receive a user name and password, which will give you access to the platform’s interface.

Music library

Jamendo is a music library that features thousands of tracks. It offers free streaming and downloads. You can also star albums and artists, and customize your social network preferences.

The platform is a great way to discover new artists. It can be integrated with several applications such as Banshee and Songbird. Its music library is updated regularly.

Jamendo’s new SoundCloud plugin is a welcome addition for content creators. It allows users to upload unlimited music. For musicians, it is a great way to monetize their content.

It has a simple design and is easy to navigate. When you first open the app, a notification message will be displayed. After that, you can search and listen to songs.

Whether you’re looking for background music for your website, or a soundtrack to your next video, the site’s search tool can help you find the perfect track. All you have to do is type in the title of the track, or browse by genre or artist name.

Discussion forum

Jamendo, or joey on the app, is a mobile social networking site, or at least the mobile version is available on the iPhone and Android. The aforementioned site boasts over 370283 members and has over 10443 albums in the works. It also has a slick UI and some cool features like the ability to browse, upload and download tracks and album art, and play it on the fly. Aside from the app, the aforementioned platform features a free hosting service as well as the usual suspects in the form of advertising in the form of audio streams.

While the jamendo oh jam is an excellent way to showcase your talent, if you are looking for a platform to sell your wares, it’s probably a good idea to look elsewhere.

Licensing service

Jamendo is a website where artists and musicians can find a new audience. It is a free music website where users can interact directly with the artist. There are a number of features available on the site. The site has a Search function where users can find artists and albums by searching.

Jamendo offers services that enable you to license music tracks. These include Content ID, which helps you monitor use of your music. You can also purchase a credit pack.

To access Jamendo’s Services, you must first register. Upon completion of the registration process, you will receive a User Account and a personal webpage. During the registration process, you will be asked to provide certain information. For example, you must enter a valid e-mail address.

Frequently asked questions

Jamendo is a popular site for fans and musicians alike. It is a free music site that offers unlimited access to thousands of tracks from over 40,000 artists across 150 countries. The site also offers music licensing, which gives artists a chance to earn income.

While the Jamendo website offers many features, a lot of the site’s functionality can be found on the mobile app, which allows users to stream and download tracks. This is a great way to share music with friends and family.


Aside from the app, the site offers several other options. Users can sign up for a free account, rate songs, star albums, write reviews, and customize their social network preferences. Also, the site is integrated with Songbird and VLC media players, allowing users to listen to and stream music on the go.


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