5 Top Accident Law Firms in Colorado






Personal injury lawyers are lifesavers, at least for the millions of Americans who may have suffered loss or injury due to an accident. These attorneys give people a chance to build back their lives after encountering misfortune. When the malpractice, recklessness, or deliberate negligence of a party leads to unnecessary physical or psychological suffering of another, a top accident law firm will work closely with the victim to win compensation and other reasonable corrections that can cover for the loss of well-being. Injury lawyers work hard to protect people from victimization by the biggest bullies in the American corporate system: insurance companies. 

There are many practicing lawyers in Colorado today, so zeroing in on one with the perfect combination of experience, expertise, and know-how to complete any case is daunting. Wait to fret; here are five of the best accident law firms in allworldday Colorado. 

1. Killian, Davis, Richter, & Kraniak

The US News & World Report highly ranks Killian, Davis, Richter, & Kraniak PC in two practice areas: personal injury litigation and workers’ compensation law. This recognition does not come as a surprise, for the law firm works diligently to provide its clients with the most effective legal help.  

The ever-so-skilled attorneys at the law firm pride themselves on decades of experience representing clients in Colorado courts. The attorneys take their time to understand the client’s circumstances, concerns, and goals to ensure they only secure the best results. 

Killian Law firmly believes in one principle: Treat others as you want them to treat you. Abiding by this philosophy has earned the law firm statewide appreciation and respect, even earning the firm front-page coverage in the Chicago Tribune and New York Times. The client-first culture at Killian, Davis, Richter, & Kraniak PC has enabled the legal firm to excel in four key areas of practice: car accidents, wrongful death, severe injury, workers’ compensation, and social security celebrow disability.

Killian Law has recovered over $50 million for accident victims. One case stands out: A lady stopped at an intersection, as was expected of her, following a red light when a drunk driver rammed into her rear end. Consequently, the woman suffered severe injuries due to the drunk driver’s recklessness. Killian, Davis, Richter, & Kraniak PC secured a judgment against the at-fault party to $2,184,000. 

Despite this, Killian Law does not charge its clients a penny upfront. The firm has decades of combined experience practicing law in Colorado. The firm has successfully obtained praiseworthy outcomes for its clients through the years. 

2.  The Tenge Law Firm

The Tenge Law Firm, which attorney Todd Tenge formed in 1922, specializes in personal injury and insurance litigation claims. Such laser focus allows them to provide diligent, aggressive, and thorough legal advice for accident victims. The firm has grown to hire the most experienced and skilled paralegals, investigators, and advocates who work together to realize optimum results for victims.   

The firm is committed to ensuring that all accident victims across Colorado get the medical attention they need to get their health restored and the compensation they are worthy of to move ahead with their day-to-day activities. Advocates at the Tenge law firm invest all their energy, expertise, and time to ensure that clients get the best possible result, especially in situations where the victim has suffered life-changing injuries. 

Attorneys at the Tenge Law firm offer more than just competent legal counsel: they extend a listening ear and personalized attention. Advocates at the law firm understand that every case is different and there is no one-fits-all solution to all problems. With this in mind, they take exceptional care to ensure that clients receive responsive communication and detailed attention to their needs. Tenge law firm clients can rest easy in the knowledge that neither will they have to wait weeks before a response is filed nor will their case be transferred to a new attorney. Todd Tenge takes the initiative by handling all cases presented before his desk personally with the help of his skilled and dedicated team. This culture has enabled the firm to reap excellent results for its clients as they provide personalized attention by focusing on every individual and their unique needs.

3. Law Offices of Cliff Enten

Attorney Cliff Enten founded the Law Offices of Cliff Enten in 1992 after observing that he could channel his expertise to helping society and earning more personal fulfillment if he represented plaintiffs rather than working for insurance companies. 

Lawyers at the Cliff Enten firm work alongside clients to ensure their goals and objectives align. The attorneys invest immeasurable effort to ensure that all clients get comprehensive compensation for the damages and injuries they have incurred. 

The firm’s investigative work, result-oriented culture, and excellent customer service set the Law Offices of Cliff Enten apart from the rest. Without a doubt, this approach adds significant value to any case.  

The firm stands out in numerous ways, mainly because it has been litigating injury compensation claims for over two decades. Moreover, most lawyers at the firm have extensive experience representing insurance conglomerates, which gives them inside knowledge of insurance providers’ tactics to minimize payouts. 

4. Bachus and Schanker, LLC

Kyle Bachus and Darin Schanker founded Bachus and Schanker, LLC, under the philosophy that injured parties deserve competent legal help as they battle insurance companies to recoup damages incurred following an accident. 

Insurance companies often exploit loopholes in the law to avoid paying victims reasonable compensation in line with the loss suffered. Bachus and Schanker, LLC works to cure this problem by ensuring that victims do not suffer more financial losses after an injury in light of the bureaucratic and complex insurance claim process. The law firm is committed to securing justice for accident victims by offering the injured access to affordable legal services. 

The law firm has a unique operating model: it charges its clients on a contingency fee basis. The process starts with a review of the case, which is free and confidential. If the firm believes the case holds merit, it will pursue the matter further. Clients only pay a pre-agreed percentage of the settlement thetalka awarded.  

It is unsurprising that Bachus and Schanker, LLC has earned acknowledgment and recognition from the Colorado community, peer law firms, and business leaders for offering superior customer service and representation. 

5. Denver Trial Lawyers

The Denver Trial Lawyers is a small, closely knight partnership of exceptionally dedicated lawyers. While a few law firms prefer cutting settlement deals, Denver Trial Lawyers chooses to get its hands dirty by opting for trial. For this reason, advocates practicing at the legal firm take pride in having tried over 100 jury cases with remarkable results. This history of triumph in the courtroom means that the firm has demonstrable experience in defeating insurance corporations. 

Denver Trial Lawyers charges its clients on a trial basis, which means that clients only pay after a recovery. Such a model guarantees that the law firm will go as far as necessary to realize the maximum payout possible. 

Working with this law firm means that you will be tapping into a century of combined industry experience. The legal firm, additionally, has established symbiotic relationships with medical practitioners, technology experts, and physicians to present the facts of every case. It, therefore, comes as a no-brainer that the firm has a high rating on Better Business Bureau. Previous successes also mean that the firm prides itself on state-wide reputation, having won millions of dollars in settlements for victims throughout Colorado. 

Choose Well

While in Colorado, the chances of experiencing a road accident are highest when driving on the mountain passes. Dangerous road conditions and treacherous weather make it even harder for drivers touring the ski country. According to Colorado state law, victims of auto accidents may receive up to $1,227,530 in compensation. In this light, injury compensation lawsuits can have a long-term effect on your life. Choosing the right law firm to represent your pleas thus becomes of uttermost importance. Numerous lawyers are practicing in Colorado, making it overwhelming to sort through the options.

You must look at your legal representative’s past track record. Do they specialize in personal injury law? What do peers think of them? What is the success rate? Such lawyers juggle tight deadlines and complex legal workloads to deliver the best outcome for their clients. 

Of course, the best personal injury litigators are great negotiators who articulate and keep the victim’s interests at heart. Additionally, the ideal accident law firm will investigate claims, drafting pleas, research evidence, counsel clients, and, most importantly, advocate at trial. As you begin your search, keep these recommendations in mind so you can choose the best Colorado accident law firm.